Rowena Meddeman


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August 2018 - This month Rowena has been working on a Commercial campaign and filming the lead role in TV Pilot 'These Four Sides'.


June 2018 -  This month Rowena has been filming 'The Wick' ~ a dark period drama, inspired by true events. A timely story of a strong woman, striving for justice and fighting for the rights of the under represented and misunderstood.


May  2018 - Playing 'Mum' in a Back to School shoot for Sainbury's!


January 2018 - Rowena has just been cast as a Land Girl in new Musical film 'The Secret'


December 2017 - Rowena was delighted to be shortlisted for the Actors Choice Award in the Mandy Monologue Competition and has just finished filming the role of Sarah in 'Femi', directed by Arnold Peters.


October 2017 - That's a Wrap on Sear's Productions 'Give Her Back' & Darkest Day Films 'Doris'!






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