Rowena Meddeman


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Rowena wants to live in a world filled with heroes, random acts of kindness and a force field around her that repels angry people.


As an Actress with more than 25 years experience, she’s worked for the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, ABC and is a passionate supporter of Indie Film.


An adventurous child, Rowena spent her younger years climbing trees, getting stuck up trees, speeding about on her bike, falling off her bike, making mud pies, serving mud pies, playing lets pretend and eating slugs. Well, just one slug actually, and it was only because she thought it was a raisin. She doesn't eat raisins anymore… or slugs.


She wanted to be a stuntwoman when she grew up but after a number of painful attempts to impress everyone with her skills, she realised getting someone else to do her stunts was a much better idea and decided to become an Actress instead making her professional debut in Cameron Mackintosh's LES MISERABLES when she was ten years old.


When she’s not Acting you'll find her cooking a delicious vegetarian dish, walking through the countryside, singing her heart out and avoiding slugs.

Actress ~ Believes in Magic

Rowena's story

Rowena Meddeman is a film, television & theatre actress of Irish descent whose credits include DARK MONEY (BBC), FAMILY AFFAIRS (Channel 5), LES MISERABLES (Palace Theatre) & independent film, THE WICK.